Deb is the mom to the fur babies, Ray, Julius, Miko and Jae as well as human, Asia.  We are passionate about rescue and are avid volunteers as well as advocates.  Welcome.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. I was wondering, will you move over your content from blogger? I moved content from one site to another…well, I had my host company do it for me, though I have a small amount of content.

  2. We were just advised that you are following our (Ray and I) blog. To be honest, I am doing the writing part while Ray just gives me loads of material to work with. He was a stray with an unknown background and plenty of “attitude” but, after almost 2 years, he has developed into the most affectionate dog you could imagine. Is he perfect? Absolutely not but then, neither am I! We hope that you will enjoy reading about him. Regards. Colin / Woof! Ray.

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