This is my Before I Die, Bucket List, Someday List or whatever you want to call it. I’m sure I will add to the list and “someday” may even organize it. I love reading those of others because it always makes me go, “Oh yeah! I want to do that!”

Volunteer at Best Friends Animal Society.
…and meet a Vicktory Dog 1/23/15, 1/24/15, 1/25/15

Meet at least 4 fellow bloggers in person. (January, 2015 met two!)

Meet 4   “Molies.” that is an inside thing…they know who they are. (Jan 2015) have met 2!

Foster a dog for more than one night.   Thanks, Sugar and Pups.(June/July 2015)

Catch a home run by the opposing team at Wrigley Field and throw it back.

Swim with dolphins.

Join a pack walk. 3/30/13

Stand on a corner in Winslow, Arizona.  1/22/15

Meet Gremlin 3/30/13

Volunteer at a non-adoption community outreach event. Something that brings aid or services to underserved areas.  8/16/14

Deploy with HSUS.

Adopt an elderbull

Zip line

Pull an animal from a kill shelter open admission shelter.  (Bitsy and others)

Attend a Hoe-Down at BAD RAP

Eat a slice of heaven. 

Ray’s List

Snuggle with the kitties

Earn my CGC.

Get 75 100 likes on my Facebook page.

Join a pack walk. 3/30/13

Meet Gremlin 3/30/14

Julius’s List

Enjoy life

We will  be updating this as we go along.

14 thoughts on “Someday

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  2. Hey Deb, it’s Kelsey from TU. I do work at BFAS, though I try to keep that de-linked on the blog (because work, confidentiality, liability, these-opinions-are-my-own-and-not-that-of-BFAS, etc etc.) That said, I am so excited you’re coming up to volunteer! If you get a chance, try to get a volunteer shift at Conrad & Leopold’s in Old Dogtown so I can introduce myself and my awesome weirdo workdogs! I work every day except Tues/Weds. I’m excited to see you when you come up!

    • I completely understand about the delinking and am so excited for the up coming visit. I’m scheduled for three shifts so far in Dogtown (with Parrots as my back up for obvious and stalker-y reasons)😀. I’m a bit unknowledgable about the logistics of it all but will make a point of getting to Conrad & Leopolds!

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  4. It is late and I should be in bed altho I am retired now so having to go to work tomorrow is not a problem like it was. I have been offline for the past several months due to a chronic medical issue that seems more stable now – at least for a bit. Me and Team Beaglebratz are TRYING to get back online on a more regular basis but it will take some time to work up to it.

    Oh I envy you for being able to accomplish things on a bucket list or a someday list. I try not to think about the things I would put on a list like this because I know it would only happen with the assistance of others and I have no way of making that happen. I would love to even just visit Best Friends and also Villalobos Rescue especially since I have family who live outside of New Orleans but no one in my family loves dogs the way I do so I live thru others and think about the little things I could possibly do around here. There is one thing you have on your list that I was able to get done – I got the CGC on both Shiloh and Shasta on their way to becoming therapy dogs. So I firmly believe that if I can do it with Beagles which are known to be stubborn and challenging then you can do it with Julius. And reading the things you have on your list and then the ones you have accomplished – I also believe that you will make those things happen for you.

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