Don’t Fall Over

But after a 6 month hiatus, I’m posting twice in as many days.  While I confessed yesterday to feeling a bit too boring or mundane to write about, obviously Ray’s new legs have brought a new subject up to discuss.

Today was rough.  Very rough.  Actually, let’s roll it back; last night was rough.  Although I didn’t call to check on him, I worried all night.  Why didn’t I call?  Well, I wouldn’t have been able to talk to him and even if I could have, would that have helped?  I doubt it. I’ve already anthropomorphized his fear of being in strange surroundings and disappointment in me for allowing him to sleep overnight at the hospital.  I left him there ALL NIGHT with a painful leg, a painful spine and a lot of strangers.  Today as I was forcing pills down his unwilling throat, he peed himself and his new cushy bed.   I’ve decided it wasn’t because he’d just drank a bowl of water the hour before but because I terrified him in his drugged out state.


I’ve set up his new digs and already moved it.  We have him in a cozy spot in the family room (or is it the living room? or greatroom?) and I’ll camp out on the sectional so I can be nearby.  I’m glad we bought this comfy thing.  Anyone remember when he, Julius and I were sleeping on dog mats on the living room floor?

The House Shuffle

It’s a pretty open joke that we move.  A Lot.  When we got Ray and then Julius we lived in a house that we had just put an inground pool in.  That was a backyard paradise that kept dog toenails trimmed year-round.  We moved for several reasons, not the least of which was that it was in a different county from where Asia and I worked.  The next house was one of my faves.  It was large and the layout was great for the most part but after a short while multiple trips from the second floor bedrooms to the basement (to clean litterboxes) and back up and down and up and down didn’t make for an easy time on my old joints or on Ray’s.  We (the dogs and I) began camping out on the living room floor on cushy dog mats, plush blankets and sheepskin rugs.  After about 4 months of that we found a sprawling house that was one level and the basement was just extra space.  That’s where we lived when Ray had his first leg surgery, his TTA.  While that place was great and so unique, it wasn’t quite right so after yet another search we ended up here.


Here, is a lot less flashy from the outside but inside, or rather out back is the magic…a pool, or as I like to call it, a nail trimmer surrounding water.  We are mostly on one level, we’ve downsized, and we are much happier here… for now.  So, yeah, for the next few months, I’ll be sleeping on the sofa within a few feet of my baby while he convalesces and yea, we’ve moved a few times to accommodate his needs, so I ask, what would you do for your heartdog?

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