The First, but not the Beginning

I think the first post is the hardest.  I’ve been planning this blog for months and probably should have started it at that time, but since I didn’t, we’ll begin here which is not the beginning.
Our sweet baby Ray has been home with us for less than twenty-four hours and all of our lives have already been changed immensely.  The “cat toys are for cats, dog toys are for dogs” rule has already been broken and the snoring pit baby next to me on the sofa has broken the no dogs on the furniture rule. 

I’ve been wanting a dog for quite a while now, and knew it had to be a rescue.  I thought an Elderbull would be great.  It would be someone who really needed a home and still be possibly potty trained, but convincing the hubby was not in the cards.  As it turned out, fate stepped in.  That is a story for another day. 

The cats have claimed the second floor, occasionally venturing downstairs except to sniff a silently sleeping pup from a safe 9 inch distance. 
Miko, being our most inquisitive cat has been downstairs the most.  He silently positions himself in places that make for easy peeking.  He is the one I believe will benefit the most from some canine companionship of the three cats.  I can envision the other two becoming tolerant while staying distant.  As the saying goes, “You’ve not been truly ignored until you’ve been ignored by a cat.”

Hang on for the ride and we’ll discover together how peace-a-bull the assembly truly will be.

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