A Tired Puppy

A tired puppy is a happy puppy and a happy mommy, too.  Since that beautiful yellow orb in the sky made a guest appearance today, Ray and I took the opportunity to have a little fun in the back yard.  Ray has several sweaters and a jacket which he still acts like he doesn’t want to wear, but after just a minute or two outside he starts shivering like a tasty leaf.  I think he really needs a pair of booties because he has a little wet piggy walk he does when he doesn’t want to be in the grass.  This afternoon, however,  I made a puppy-sized “flirt pole” and we had quite a romp in the sunshine.   We didn’t do any training, and it wasn’t a real flirt pole, but we had a good time.   He even forgot to shiver until playtime was over.  Then I swear, if he could have made his teeth chatter he would have.  I really should have taken a picture or video, but my phone was in the house.
To make your own flirt pole, see the experts at Bad Rap.  I’m eager to try this out ourselves in time.

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