The Committment

Arriving at the warmth and safety of Katie’s house, she and her awesome kids sprang into action getting Kane settled in and tending to Sparkles.  As you can see from this picture, Sparkle was a bag of pregnant bones and was completely fidgety, probably because she was not done birthing.  One of the kids got her a bowl of food that she scarffed down, though I’m told that is unusual for a dog in labor.  Then we settled in for the pups that were still to come.
After quite a bit of comforting and trying to get Sparkles to relax, in a puddle of greenish black sludge, Ray began to make his entrance in the world.  It wasn’t easy and eventually Katie had to help pull him out, becoming elbow deeply covered with the above mentioned sludge .
My little green guy!  I was slightly smitten already but there was the champagne colored male who looked to become quite the handsome dog and Ray was soon followed by the only girl of the litter.  I was moderately in love with them all, but even that night, I didn’t know one of these sweet little piggies was destined to be mine.
 See?  He had a green tint.
We had had a dog, actually she was very much Kevin’s and when she went to the bridge, I was pretty convinced that I was a cat person.  Only a cat person.  It had been so long since I had a dog that I interacted with as my own and by so long, I mean decades.  Of course I loved Bam Bam, but she really wasn’t mine so when the yearning for another dog hit me, it started growing along with my desire to help in some way.  To really help.  I wanted to foster and I was pretty sure I wanted to foster adult dogs and possibly elderbulls.  I had spent months reading and researching and was sure I could do this but convincing the family was a different matter.
I had gotten Kevin on board with my first love, the Rottweiler, but he then uttered that fateful sentence that changed our lives, “You know, I’d consider adopting a Pitbull, but it would have to be a puppy.”  He was not completely comfortable with the idea because he was still conditioned by so much negativity in the media, but it was a great sign that he was willing to consider it.  Exactly four days later, December 5th, we had officially committed to one of the “Sparkle pups.”

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