One Step Forward

Just like Yin and Yang, and for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction, great days are often followed by not so great days.  While we had a wonderful time over the weekend playing, yard working and just chilling, we had a pretty rough time last night.
I know a big part of this is that Ray is still such a baby, which I tend to forget sometimes.  He learns things so quickly and is eager to win treats gain approval so I forget there are limits to how much fun and excitement he can really bear without getting over stimulated.
Last night the weather was still so beautiful and warm so we headed off for a walk down the street which started off well as usual, but  all of the cars zooming by and all of the smells along the way sent his poor little sensory self into over drive.  We spent a miserable few hours minutes trying to relax enough to get back home without too much trouble and the fact that my feet and hands are pretty much intact and that I didn’t actually cry are good signs.  Back at the house Ray ended up in a time out in his crate which really did him and me a world of good.  A few minutes for everyone to calm down, relax and reset were just the ticket.
Tonight we venture back to that wonderful world of puppy class.  This, I’m sure, will consist of corralling the wild beast while trying to learn our lessons to be practiced at home but there are only two more sessions.  I just need to make a note to expose him more often to various types of stimulus in small doses and not get too wrapped up in the obstacles. 
On a brighter note, this is a picture of Sparkles, Ray’s mama.  Isn’t she beautiful?  Sparkles is a sweet gal who is open for adventure and looking for love.  Her baby-mama days can be classified as pretty much one and done so now she is ready to be your baby love.  Contact SmilingK9s for info, if Sparkles could be the light of your life in your no-cat household.

2 thoughts on “One Step Forward

  1. Don't get too down – setbacks happen all the time! Turk recently started acting all weird on walks and at his training class, so we had to take a huge step back and work on exposing him to different stimuli. Slowly but surely, he's doing better. You guys will get it eventually. You're doing the right thing just taking it one day at a time!

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