Feline Friday

One of the best things, I think, about our kitties is their willingness to snuggle on a lap and watch TV, especially when I’m cold.  Kitties make great lap blankets.  Conversely, I don’t really like to be that warm when I sleep and having up to three kitties in bed with us sometimes makes it hard to drift off to dreamland.
The all seem to have their set place in bed as well.  Boo Kitty sleeps square in the middle of the bed between us, on top of the covers.  She is warm but not always the heating pad that Jae can be.  Jae, is our most nocturnal cat.  He patrols the house and bedrooms all night long in the same path and when he does sleep he tends to lie  on my pillow using my head as his own pillow.  Or he sleeps next to me.  Or next to Kevin.  Or in the middle of Asia’s bed.  Or he is making his rounds.  Miko tends to like the bottom corner of the bed.  He picks a spot and there he stays all night.  He is the least frequent visitor in any bedroom as he is often just as happy to sleep in some secret place on his own.
Lately, Miko has taken to crawling in between the sheets in our bed after we’ve gotten up.  Walking into the room to get dressed, one might here a little squeak followed by the contented buzz of the little purr box.  I don’t know why he has after three years begun to enjoy life in the blankets, but it is certainly cute.
Have a happy weekend!

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