Mega Match

What a great success this was.  Volunteering for such a fantastic event was incredibly fun and truly humbling  as well.  Friday night I could hardly sleep for the anticipation and all the excitement that had built up over the week hoping everyone possible (and Mama Sparkles in particular) would find their forever home.  We had a very big day planned.  Ray had his last puppy check up and shot on Saturday morning then Asia and I headed up to H.O.P.E. to help with the Mega Match.

I could hardly believe how busy we were.  Thankfully SmilingK9’s has an awesome group of volunteers (if I do say so myself) and things went so well.  I think we ended up adopting out twelve dogs on Saturday.  I know we even got approved adoptions on at least one dog that didn’t make the trip.  Score!

The one dark spot for me was that Miss Sparkles was over looked.  She was the last dog standing at the SmilingK9 booth and made the trip back to her foster home to wait for her forever person to find her.  Still, she never let this get her down.  Her happy little tail thumped away as people approached and it thumped as they passed.  Her hopeful face turned to the traffic and her spirit remained pure and sunny.  Some folks just can’t catch a break and Sparkles might be in that category.  Little gal lived on the end of a chain until she was rescued, went into heat recently and was spayed and on the morning of the adoption event developed a UTI.  Despite the soulful eyes and loving dispositon, repeated squatting did not make for the most desirable trait at the event. 

I actually had some errands to run in the middle of the day and made the remark to Asia that if Sparkles was gone when I get back I would probably cry and if she was still there, I would probably cry.  I did leave before the end of the event.  I couldn’t look at her sweet face that reminded me so much of her darling boy living at my house.  The rich chocolate eyes and her silent question: “Where are my people?  When are they coming?”
Pretty girl, your day will come.  Your family is out there looking for you and you are going to be so happy when they find you .  Until then you will be loved and well cared for.

4 thoughts on “Mega Match

  1. I would have taken Sparkles, UTI and all, in a heart beat if I didn't already have two of my own and a foster dog I sure hope she finds her for ever home!

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