Sad Eyes

Sometimes, it gets to be too much a lot to deal with and most of what I deal with is self-inflicted.  I “like” a lot of animal welfare sites, rescue sites, dog blogs, and general pet awareness because I choose to “like” them.  The beauty of the internets is that I can read or not read as my time and preference allows and my reader feed lets me keep current with my favorite blogs.
If I choose to, I can comment by clicking into the site or just move on to the next and if I want to save it for later, that option is available as well.  There have been a few pages that I’ve “liked” and later found not so much to my liking and some that I rarely followed that have since become favorites.  Everyone and everything changes and evolves and I will admit that some of my opinions have changed and evolved based on what I am reading at the time.  There are some great viewpoints out there which are well written and based on the tone and tenor in which they are written, I have paid attention and in the process have learned a thing or two.
No sad pictures here, just a quick plug for Ray’s bro, Dahey.
I must admit though, I am more apt to skip over the URGENT TIME IS UP posts and I didn’t even realize it much until recently.  I might read the first couple of lines or glance at the picture but while I do what I can, I know I can’t save even a large handful of deserving animals.  I read that the sad stories are highly successful for fund raising, but happy stories and stories of overcoming adversity are more successful in affecting positive adoption rates.  People give money to help solve a problem but when adopting, they still want a companion rather than an “issue” or a sad story.
And a plug, for Mama, too.
I’m guilty of it myself.  Knowing I can’t do this or that, I pull out the checkbook and appease my conscience or in desperation try to appeal to the heartstrings.  I don’t really have a point to make with this post, I just saw yet another picture of yet another sad-eyed pooch and thought yet again, “am I doing enough?”  I don’t honestly know the answer to that question but maybe I’ll ponder it while losing myself in the chocolate gaze that I love so much…
Love bug

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