Full Circle

Dear Sparkles,
We met on December 1, 2011 when you were a cold, bony little gal scared and having babies in a bush for shelter.  My family warned me that trying to help a pit bull in labor might not turn out well for me.  You, however, were so soft and sweet.  You were worn out, tired and yet somehow seemed very grateful for the help.  You came into rescue that night and we promised you that you would never have another puppy after that night and it was true.  Your foster mama made sure that you’ll never be a mama again but that you’ll live out your life as someone’s baby girl. That night you weren’t “Sparkly” and we thought the name you brought with you might not fit, but as you healed and grew you became the Sparkly girl you were meant to be.

You needed a place to land to rest and recover and learn and dream of a life that you never dared expect but one that you always deserved.  You found your safe landing place with Smiling K9’s and your foster mama screened so many families before deciding on the one who would be your One. You gave me a beautiful little puppy who will grow to look just like you and already has so many of  your mannerisms. 

My darling little girl, your new family was so thrilled to come collect you.  They’ve been busy shopping and preparing for you.  Your new bed is waiting and your mama said that although there is a “no dog on the furniture” rule, she is sure your daddy will break it soon.  He will say that laying  on  his lap does not count as being on the funiture.  You are already loved and in no time at all will be firmly ensconced as daddy’s little girl.

I was there the night you came into rescue and I was honored to be there as you proudly left.  My life has changed since you touched it and I have my little living reminder of your sweetness and gentle soul.  Live well, little girl. 

Your “mama bear.”

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