It’s a Pool, Ya Dig?

I’m not sure what kind of time table I was imagining but it certainly wasn’t like this.  Day One of the pool install went from this:

To this:

In less than six hours.

Of course Ray was wondering why if he is not allowed to dig holes in the yard, why are these strangers allowed to? 

Naturally, Ray being an awesome digger, well on his way to the hole olympics, he felt highly confident that he could dig a hole of this magnitude without the crutch of using heavy equipment.

Day Two yielded a small set back but still lots of progress.  We have what is starting to look more and more like a pool.  And Day Three?  No work at all today.  That kind of left us with a burned day of PTO but we did get the remainder of our things out of storage, so that was good.  Also?  I think Ray and Daddy got caught breaking the ‘no dogs on the furniture’ rule.

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