Friday Fun(draiser) Day

I wish I could foster.  It is just not in the cards for me right now and it wouldn’t be fair to my family, Ray or to the foster.  Things are way too torn up in the yard and with all of the new changes coming up soon, it would be a negative experience, I believe.  In the meantime, I still try to do my part with our rescue hero, Smiling K9’s, as well as a few others out there.  As they say, adopt, foster, donate, volunteer. 

Along those lines, I recently had the honor of escorting this little muppet to her meet and greet where she went home with her happy new mom.

She was just a two pound bundle of tail wagging personality and I’m sure she was headed to a life of pampered happiness.  This was one of the “easy ones.”  Highly adoptable, no health issues, not a “scary” breed; just a cute baby needing a home.  It’s nice when these happen along but in the rescue world that I only dabble in from the sidelines and help when I can, the “easy ones” are few and far between.  Smiling K9’s is there when that puppy with the broken leg is “on the list” and awaiting his fate.  They are there when the 100 pound pit bull type dog gets tazed in the eye and left to sit in his own waste because people were afraid of him.  Turns out he was a big mush-pot of loving.  They are there for the little ones who have no one else to turn to for protection.  They are there for the “hard ones,” the ones who need an extra hand and a soft place to land until their forever home can be found.  All of that, of course, takes funds, so I’d like to encourage everyone to check out this great auction that starts today in honor of Baby Brain’s first birthday.  The auction starts at 5:00 pm EST, but I’m gonna sneak over there and try to slide a bid or two in.  If you like purchasing for a cause, head on over and check out the great items up for bid.

Have a great weekend, all!

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