The Devil’s Workshop

This week, Mama said I’ve been “wound up.”  I don’t feel wound up, I feel just as straight as I usually am, but Mama said I needed to get a job.  She said something about idle minds and that mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise.  What the heck is a job?  Well it turns out I got the best job ever last night.  Mama took some of my favorite toys and treats last weekend and she put them in an ICE CUBIE for me and my job was to rescue everything.

At first I wasn’t sure about this job thing.  I had to check out this ice cubie and then I wooo-wooo’ed at it a couple of times.  I licked it and it tased like an ice cubie, so I felt braver and checked it out…

I like to crunch, crunch ice cubies in my fat mouth but this one was much harder to crunch.

Then the more I scraped and crunched, I began to realize Squeaky Pig was in there!  Squeaky Pig is my favorite toy!

Don’t worry, Piggy, I’ll save you!

As I was working away at my new job, a nice big crack appeared.  I decided the big ice cubie was like Kong-Kong, I picked it up and smashed it on the ground over and over…and it worked! I had a chunk of ice cubie that could chomp and crunch on.

And after I ate that chunk, I went back to my job of rescuing Squeaky Pig.  It took me a really long time to do my job and by the time I was done, I felt ready to go to bed. 

I really have the best job in the world.  I saw some of my other favorite toys and treats going into the bowl, so I am hoping that I get to do my job again tonight!

Do you have a job too?

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