Growing Fast

Here’s a dirty little secret.  Ray will be eight months old tomorrow and he just learned to go down the stairs by himself this past weekend.  Granted, he rarely needs to use stairs and ours are slippery, being hardwood and as a nice little snub to building codes, our late 70’s stairs have an open portion with no railings.  Be that as it may, our amazing trainer Lori  got him up and down those stairs in record time.  Now is that the dirty little secret part?  Well, part two of that is since he is bathed in the upstairs bathroom, I carry him back downstairs.  Asia says it is pathetic that he is actually used to being carried.

I never really saw that as too much of a problem since I never thought he would get too big to be carried.  After all, his mom Sparkles was not even forty pounds when she was adopted.  I guestimated that Ray might top out in the mid fifties, which I could still carry if needed.

Ray on “gotcha” day.

How big might he get? It should be fairly easy to track.  Every month on the first he gets his heartworm preventative and I like to take him in to the vet with me so he can get some socialization and also heft his little pink piggy but onto the scale.  Last month and this week I didn’t have a chance to take him in with me so we used the unscientific method of me holding him while on the scale and subtracting my weight.  Ray seems to grow at about ten pounds per month and as of yesterday he was sixty-two pounds of lap dog.

Each month I assume we’ve hit the ceiling and each month I’ve been wrong.  I wonder how big he’ll get to be.

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