Baby Week

We are dedicating this week to babies and declaring it Birth Week here at the Peace-a-Bull Assembly.  Everybody has a unique story about how and when they were born, including dogs from Rescue.  There are uneventful births of all kinds, there are the Puppy Mill horror stories, there are the “my pet just had a litter of puppies” stories, etc.  Ray, as you may remember, was born in rescue and while that might sound like a bad thing, I think it was the best thing that could have happend to him and (most of) his little family.  It is sad that some of his siblings did not survive, but Ray was fortunate.  He was born inside a home and started off with an advantage.

Mama holding Mama

Having a warm and safe place to enter the world is a pretty good deal.  Having someone else make careful decisions as to who gets to be your Forever Famiy is a pretty good deal as well. 
The bonus for me is that I’ve known little Ray since the moment he was born, all pink nosed and gooey green body  piggyness.  The moment I laid eyes on him, I thought to myself, I want that little green guy.  Then I began thinking and doubting.  He who was later named Sunny was so different looking and beautiful with his champagne silvery-ness and crystal blue eyes.  Then there was Kimmel, who in my mind I always called Lola.  The only girl of the litter and she was tugging at my heartstrings a little too.  Also not to be forgotten was sweet Dahey, the only surviving black puppy.  He is back with his real forever mama, because some things were just meant to be.

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