Good Things Come

Time seems to have no significant meaning for me these days.  Time flies as I age and the seasons change with an alarming switfness and though the days fly by, there are other events or eras that seem to pass very slowly.
It seems crazy to me that the baby is only three weeks old because she is such a part of our lives that it’s like she has always been with us.  Yet, I can see how she has changed so much already.  As we stare down the Labor Day weekend and the traditional end of summer I, on one hand, want to observe that another season has flown by and is in the books, but it seems as if it was ages ago that we first broke ground for the pool.  Was that just this summer?  Well, yes, it was and we have been this long with nothing but a dirt patch surrounding the pool and dust clouds to be kicked up by a zooming Pit Bull type doggie.  Actually, that isn’t quite accurate.  Kevin has worked tirelessly to finish the brick edging and the lava rock mulch surrounding the pool area.  We are just beginning to re-landscape and are about to start editing and rearranging plants.
To that fact, I am happy to bid adieu.  Today I have received the most welcomed news that our sod is in and the piggy can commence a-wallowing this evening.

This is the view from the gate.

This would be between the pool and the house from the patio.  I can’t wait to go home and sit on the grass!

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