Gummy Bear

There’s that moment when you see “it” is working.  “It” can be different for lots of people and of course for me, the “it” relates to Rescue.  I’m not really techno savvy.  I can hold my own for my age group and I have an adult daughter not too far removed from her teen years to help me as well but I’ve been using the same blog format for 8 years because I can’t figure anything else out.  So, I get by.  I know my way around the interwebs ok.

Last night I got some bios from Petfinder and updated Adopt-a-pet to match.  Upon finishing that, I found some pretty nifty gadgets that allowed me to Pin a profile and then Tweet it.  That is a sentence I never imagined would come out of my mouth (or fingers, if you will). 

And how well is networking working?  Today I got a message from a “Facebook friend” whom I’ve never met in person and they were looking for a dog to adopt! Score!

3 thoughts on “Gummy Bear

  1. From the mom – you are talking about Pinterest right? I just recently got an account there – already had FB which I use some and Twitter which I use occasionally. But when I got my Pinterest it was like opening a whole different world almost. I did what you did only it was with pictures of the Beaglebratz because I'm not really involved much with rescue and I ended up puttine those same pics on FB and Twitter mainly just wanting to see what happened … altho you have just turned on a light bulb in my head. I have all this social media at my fingertips and getting involved in rescue is something I have been wanting to do. I don't have the financial or physical abilities to do it in the physical realm but what about in cyberspace? On Facebook there are always requests to share pics of animals that need to be rescued or placed for adoption or foster and we do have a coouple of rescues and shelter in my area – oh my mind is starting to go into overdrive here. Now if I just wasn't stuck here at work for the next 6 hours and I have an errand to run after that. Yep, you have just put a bug in my ear (figuratively that is 🙂 ) Start to help more dogs and cats too. Thanks for the idea – isn't social media wonderful?

  2. Yes, Pinterest, Kim. I was amazed at how much social media networking was available to us and we had just barely tapped into it.
    I have to admit, I read the two comments yesterday and both nearly brought me to tears. Kim, your enthusiasm really came through your fingertips!

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