Sweet Taters

I got an extra special treat today.  Mom read that the Chickerdoodles get sweet potatoes as treats but in her usual manner, forgot exactly what she read and got everything all mixed up.  She peeled and sliced a big, fat sweet potato and dropped the slices in a bowl of ice water and gave me a nice cold slice.  She called it a flip chip because whenever I get a new veggie to try I like to flip it up in the air a few times, then scrunch my nose up at it while I play gitchie. 


I was moving so fast and Mom is so old and slow, that she got a funny blurry picture of me with my flip chip.  After I finished throwing it around my head and growling at it, I settled down to munch on my sweet prize. 

Mom got really close too, and took close up pictures of my handsome face, but I had a surprise for her.  I grabbed the strings on her camera stap and clamped down on them because I wanted to take pictures too.  Now, when I get something in my fat mouth, I don’t really like to let go.  Daddy said I’m stubborn.  Mom says I’m bull-headed, then she laughs like she said something funny.  All I know is because I like to hold things in my fat mouth and then sit real still like I don’t have anything in my mouth, Mom decided to balance chunks of sweet taters on my head!

I decided it might be a good time to not have the camera stap in my mouth anymore.

Oh, yeah, speaking of food, Mommy said to tell you there’s been a recall on AvoDerm dog food.

~by Ray-Ray

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