Slumber Party

One day my kitty was checking out my blanket and he mentioned to me in his whiney little voice that my big furry blanket should be his but it’s ok, because he sleeps with Mommy every night and I don’t!  He said that sometimes all three of the kitties sleep with Mommy and Daddy and that they can do that whenever they want. 
“Well,” I said to him, “I get to sleep with my monkey and I get night-night treats, so I am a lucky boy, too.”  But that got me wondering if I was missing out on something?  Why was my whiney kitty acting so smug?  I decided to lay around and ponder this fact.

I decided that maybe I was missing out, and I was going to talk to Mommy about this sitch-u-ashun.  After all, I’m a very good napping buddy.
But just as Iwas about to tell her about this, she said that since Daddy is out of town and it was a weekend night, we were going to have a slumber party!  I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I felt very happy!

Turns out that it means we got a big pile of fluffy blankets and pillows and went night-night together…without kitties!

The next morning Mommy said it was a good thing she didn’t have to get up early for work because I am a “bed hog.”  I think that means that we slept really good because I was so comfy.

And even though Mommy was there, I still had my other best friend with me.
‘Cuz you gotta stick with your buddies.

Darn it, Mom, you said I could post this entry! ~Ray-Ray.

2 thoughts on “Slumber Party

  1. SO CUTE!! That slumber party looked pretty fun, Ray-Ray. Athena is a bed hog too (we snuggle with her on HER bed though…she's not allowed on ours!), and yes it means that she is so comfy and makes us sleep really good =)

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