(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

Ray’s favorite game is Tug.

I imagine to the passerby outside the fence, the sound that ensues would be pretty intimidating.  What’s your pooches favorite game?

12 thoughts on “(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

  1. Braylon LOVES tug but prefers to paly it with another dog. She is soooo noisy when she plays! Hades loves to play tug with us, however. And our foster, Taylor, will just play tug with absolutely anyone! She likes to whine and cry when she plays. I love those pictures!

  2. well I really do love the tug, however my favorite game is the towel game after a rainy walk… Grab a towel rub me down and then watch me go crazy! I'll run around and play “bull”dog with the towel and try a little tug now and again.Wagging Wordless Wednesday!

  3. Athena would play tug all day long if she could! She likes to tug with humans and dogs. She starts sounding like a pig if she tugs for too long though 😉 Aside from tug, Athena will do anything to play a game of fetch!

  4. Sounds like a pretty fun collection of games we've got going on here. Regarding the keep away, Ray likes to get something in his mouth then pretend like he doesn't have it even though I can see it sticking out of his lips. It's a little game we play to let him think he's pulling something over on me. 🙂

  5. Jordie, my puggle, loves playing tug but only with his humans, never with dogs. On the other hand, Zachy Mac, my big, goofy pittie, loves playing fetch and would do it all day if the humans would only cooperate.

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