Not Totally Wordless Wednesday

Everyone knows by now that Ray is pretty much a Mama’s boy, but I did want to share that he is also an indiscriminate lap sitter.

With Asia.

With his Daddy.

Also, thanks everyone for the thoughts and advice around microchips and tags.  I love the collar that Pitlandia suggested and will add that to my wish list.  I also never even thought about having him scanned occasionally to make sure the chip is still there. (Thanks, AnnPaws!)  Finally, I went back to the HomeAgain registration and updated his info so that people wouldn’t be looking for a 35 pound dog!  I also want to upload a photo now that he is close to a year old. 

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone.  We are so thankful for all the friendships we’re forging and for the wonderful blogging community in general.  See you Monday!

2 thoughts on “Not Totally Wordless Wednesday

  1. I have a friend who had her dog jump from her car once. The dog's collar wasn't on but she was chipped. It was night and she tried but couldn't find her. She posted signs and after a week a woman called her because she saw a sign. She never took the dog in to scan her because the woman said “if it was meant to be she'd find her.” How crazy is that?!
    The best thing is to take precautions that your dog never ends up getting out–but having their tags on at all times and microchipped is the next best thing. We all just hope that never happens!

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