Birthday Boy

I don’t mind the cold like a lot of Pit Bull type doggies do.  But then, I’ve never been really, really cold like some of my brothers and my Sparkle mama have been.  I like to be outside running around and playing with my Mommy or my Daddy.  We play and play until they say it is getting too cold then we come inside. 

I was born in warmth, unlike my brothers.  My sister and I got to be borned inside a nice warm house because my family got rescued on my birthing day.  That was exactly one year ago on Saturday.  I don’t really remember much about that day, but sometimes my Mommy tells me about it.  She said I was green and her first thought was that she wanted to live with the little green guy.  I couldn’t see her but she was there with me and so me and my Mommy have been together for forever, almost.  I spent a few weeks with my family in my foster mama’s house. 

Sometimes on the day she calls Saturday she goes out with other doggies and not me, but on my special birthday Saturday, we were together and we went lots of places.  She said it was my special day.  I believe it too, because we went shopping and saw lots of my friends. 

Our first stop was the fun store where I went to PuppySchool.  I got lots of treats for being such a good boy and I learned a new word, “liver.”  Liver is a happy word because after people say “liver” I get a very tasty treat.  I even jumped into the back seat of the truck all by myself without Mommy pushing my bottom up just like I usually do.  I got a nice antler and a tendon there, too.

Next we went to a really far away PetSmart.  Mommy likes that one the best because she says it isn’t usually too crowded there and I get to practice being a good boy without too many other doggies barking at me.  I even got to meet another Pit Bull puppy.  He was younger than me and I was nice when I said hi to him.  Mommy had a birthday coupon for me and so I got a squeaky snake for a present.  I love my squeaky snake because it has a whole bunch of squeakers in it.  I was playing with it in the morning and the fun police my sister, Asia, came and said I could only play with squeaky snake during certain hours. 

On our way home we stopped at another store and I got a big bag of big boy food.  Mommy says we are going to start trans-ishin-ing me from puppy food to big boy food.  The lady who works in there made a big fuss over my extreme handsome-ness and my winning smile.  Another lady who was shopping bought me a cookie for my birthday even though Mommy was already buying me one too. 

Mommy said she had been planning to do something fun in the blog world in honor of my birthday, but instead, she decided to just spend the day with me.  She said I was the most incredible puppy in the world quite a challenge this past week and she was a little out of energy.  I have no idea what she means by that, but I’m sure she will probably blab all about it this week.

When we got back to the truck I decided to take a nap.  All of this being One and being a Birthday Boy is very tiring.  Mommy said she had something fun and special planned for Sunday, too, but we were just too dog gone tired to go out so we spent most of the morning cuddled together on the sofa.  I think that is what she really had planned because that was fun and special to me.

So, how did you celebrate my birthday  spend your weekend?

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