Squeaks and Squeezes

Because we hit up so many different locations on Ray’s birthday tour, we amassed quite a collection of doggy birthday presents.  He got treats, an antler split, a smoked bone, a squeaky snake, and a Squeezz Stick in addition to his big-boy food. 

Naturally, I knew that a lot of this would need to be rationed out because just like a child, Ray would get too excited over all of the toys and end up playing with none of them.  So, the antler he received right away.  I found a nice thick one with nubs on it so that it would last longer than a regular split antler.  Regular splits last less than a week around here and full unsplit antlers are I-don’t-have-anything-else-to-play-with-so-I-guess-I’ll-play-with-this toys.  Splits are so much more instantly gratifiying it seems, so when we start feeling like Ray is overloaded on bully sticks, we try and encourage the antler use.

The snake was a hoot because it’s billed as being indestructable and each section contains a squeaker that is supposed to continue squeaking even if punctured.  The eyes lasted about 14 minutes before they got picked off, the head has a gaping wound in it and each squeaker is nearly flat and completely soundless.  The nice thing, though, is that there is no stuffing in the snake.  Glad we had a coupon for that one.

I was feeling pretty good about the Squeezz Stick, too.  It’s a Kong product and had a recessed/protected squeaker in it that might hold up better.  It did.  It took nearly 4 hours of play before the squeaker stopped working and nearly the same amount of time before Ray picked one of the nubs off enough to leave a gaping hole in the toy. 

My intent was not to be negative, and I’m certainly not trying to disparage any toys or companies, this is just more of my frustration in finding fun and functional toys for Ray.  I feel like the person who wants to wear cute shoes but is only able to wear orthopedic footwear.  There has to be some toy with a squeaker that lasts longer than a few hours out there.  Anyone? Anyone?  Bueller?

3 thoughts on “Squeaks and Squeezes

  1. We have yet to find a lasting squeeker. However, Athena is going to be REALLY spoiled this Christmas with new squeaker toys that we have never tried before. I will keep you updated if we find that one of them lasts!

  2. We had a football-shaped Kong Squeezz that Badger tore open in half an hour. He still likes chewing on it, even though it no longer makes noise.

    Our longest-lasting squeaky toy has been the JW bone toy from Petsmart, but part of the reason it's still intact is because Badger lost interest after an afternoon.

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