Writing While Annoyed

I shouldn’t do it.  I know I shouldn’t do it, but sometimes you just need to get that negative energy out and possibly calm down enough to formulate coherent sentences.  It might even act as a self moderator.  I’m always looking for ways to help Ray learn to settle himself and maybe this is my way.

There are so many pages to “like” on Facebook that I find just because it seems to match an interest, I have to be wary of what the page is about.  Products are pretty easy -you like a product or you don’t.  Blogs are easy.  I read a blog, I like a blog, I like the Facebook page.  What gets a little dicier is “rescue” or “Pit Bull” pages.  I like several pages because of the cute pictures or because I know they might do good work and I usually check if other likeminded friends “like” the page as well.  I gotta admit, I’ve unliked (disliked?) a lot of rescue pages because  sometimes it just gets to be too negative or too guilt-trippy.  I try not to do the same things myself but fear that I occasionally still let one slip through.

Today’s rant is about a Facebook page that had a link to a Pit Bull blog that promoted responsible ownership but as I was reading the post, felt that there were so many inaccuracies, I wondered if it was satire.  Was this author acually a Pit Bull hater?  This article was so skewed to divide and separate Pit bulls from the rest of the dog population for the pit bulls’s own good that even hours later I find myself irritated. 

I find myself in a Catch 22 here.  I have a pretty good idea of my readership here and value your opinion so if you’d like to read the post yourself, I can get you the link but I won’t link to it publicly.  I wouldn’t “trash” someone publicly for their opinion and I also don’t want to drive any traffic from point A to point B. 

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, here is the obligatory Ray-Ray picture of the day.

6 thoughts on “Writing While Annoyed

  1. This morning mom and I walked by a little puffy dog who was barking his head off at me. I just looked at him and then looked at my mom and kept on walking. So which pup should be separated in this situation?

    This happens on most of our walks with some dog or another. Mom is always really proud of me for being so calm when another pup is being so wild. She thinks that this is what helps people think nicer things about dogs like me and Ray-Ray. Why would anyone trying to help us bully types want to hide us from the world?

  2. This stuff always gets me down. I like to think it's just water off my back, but it's not. It's almost worse when people claim to know and love pit bulls but make these blanket statements about them, than those who are just ignorant and don't know any better. I've definitely read “Pit Bulls just shouldn't be allowed around other animals.” Does that means they should all live in isolation or that they can only be around other pit bulls? It is so ridiculous. Don't feel bad, people have been making dumb statements and using poor judgement for centuries.

  3. From the mom – I have seen such things before – it starts out sounding good, really supportive of pit bulls but by the time you finish reading – you are wondering just what the author is trying to convey. I know comparing Beagles to Pit Bulls is weird but they are both dogs and Beagles also have a somewhat negative stereotype but not nearly the same – anyway I had my youngest Beagle in Petsmart one day when this overbearing and overweight lady approached us – “Well that's a Bassett Hound for sure” she said. I said no, pure Beagle – she said no, that's a Bassett and then walked off before I had a chance to reply which is probably a good thing. Yes, Shasta has a longer back like the Bassett but aside from same coat markings, that is where the similarity ends. No long ears, no short stubby legs, no heavieer build – Shasta is petite. Anyway, I know all about stereotyping and the negative stuff that goes with it.

    And don't worry about writing when some of the thoughts are negative – that's healthy to do – not so to keep negative stuff bottled up.

  4. It is good to vent sometimes… although I usually regret opening my mouth when I get mad about something lol. I admit to being guilty of stereotyping dogs. Many of them have special traits that make them unique, but not in bad ways. Beaglebratz comment reminded me of a man who was certain my dog was not spayed just because his intact male wanted to hump her. He told my brother that I should probably take my dog back to the vet cuz she ain't fixed. I assured him she was as I had disposed of her uterus myself after the surgery lol.

  5. Tyhat trul is one of the tough parts about being a pit bull mama– the wealth of MISinformation that we are often subjected to as we try to learn ourselves. I read lots of garbage when we first adopted. I wasn't immediately great at filtering out what I disagreed with but I have learned a lot. I remember instinctively reading stuff initially though like “best as only dogs,” etc. and thinking, “I just don't believe that's true.”

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