Dance with Me

Ok, well that might be a little difficult, but how about a Blog Hop?  I’ve participated in a couple here and there and found them to be fun and a great way to discover new blogs.  So, what’s the occasion, you ask?  Well, January 20th is Ray’s Gotcha day, so I would like to invite all bloggers who happen by to attend our Gotcha Celebration Blog Hop.  We will actually start the Hop on Friday the 18th because it was a Friday night that I brought him home and we will end it (I think) Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week.

I’ll hammer out the details soon, so put on your party hat, your party ears or whatever party accessory you choose and think about the events around your own Gotcha Day.  Did you go through an application process?  Were you nervous that your pup/kittie/other might be adopted out from under  your nose?  What did you do to prepare for the homecoming?  What was the day like? 

I think you get the idea.  Write about your own Gotcha Day or perhaps that of one of your fosters.

We hope to have all of you at the hop.  Interested?

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