Time Passages

How do you mark the passage of time?  I tend to use actual markers and then calculate rather than just knowing.  “What the heck is this chick babbling about?” is probably going through your mind right now, but bear with me. 

In 2011 we put our house on the market and had to fill out the usual disclosure forms.  How long have we owned this home?  How old is the roof? The doors? The windows, etc.  I usually have to count the years in relation to what grade my daughter was in at the time and then count up from there.  There is usually a specific time marker for that I can use for counting, depending on the situation.

How old are my cats?  I “met” Boo Kitty in 1998 and Kevin had seen her in the fields around his house for nearly a year before that.  He doesn’t ever remember seeing her as a kitten, ergo she must be at least 15, going on 16 this year.  She is Jae’s mom and I have a picture of him from 1999 when he was a kitten.  For Miko, I had adoption papers.

Boo Kitty enjoying her retirement.

As I was reading a post about some past fosters, I realized that I was able to mark a passage of time by who a certain foster was when I began following a blog.  I found that I’ve been reading some longer than I imagined, but others were harder to put a time reference on.  I believe most of my reading/following/lurking began in 2011.  I remember when Ginger Rogers made her debut in  Blogville but I also know that I once spent the better part of a weekend pouring over archives.  Time flies.

One of the longest stretches of time for me in recent history would be the six or seven weeks while we waited for Ray.  Born on December 1, 2011, I don’t think it was any more than a week later that we committed to adopting a “Sparkle puppy.”  Taken into an already full foster situation with Smiling K9’s, this little family was slated to go to another foster/rescue once they were able to be transported, so we needed to make our intentions known early and stick to them.  We couldn’t commit to a puppy, have it stay and then reverse our commitment.  Not to worry, though, because as the littles were growing, their foster mama/rescuer was becoming  less able to send them and she ended up adopting them out of her own rescue.  Good news for us, as we were still doing the male/female debate.  The moment I laid eyes on Ray, I knew I wanted “the little green guy” but the hubby wasn’t sure about gender. 

Once we had committed, the longest seven-ish weeks of my life began…

Come back tomorrow to read about Ray’s Gotcha Day and celebrat with us by sharing your Gotcha day story and joining our Blog Hop!

See you then!

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