Who are You (Who, Who)

While Ray and I were shopping at PetSmart over the weekend, we met several people who saw Ray in varying ways.  I found it interesting how so often people see what they want to see and being the owner of a Pit Bull type dog, I (mostly) love all of the different reactions we encountered.  Here are the various conversations I had in the span of a single visit.

Are you buying him that jacket?
Ray and I were perusing the puffy coat when a guy came up to us and asked what kind of dog Ray is.  “Oh he’s a mix,” I said.  “Well, what is the mix?”  He is American Bulldog, Boxer and a mystery, probably American Pit Bull I told him.  Yeah I think there’s Pit bull based on the shape of his head, the guy said.  “Are you getting him that jacket?”  We talked about wheter or not my husband would disown me or Ray if he were to come home in that jacket and he shared that his dog has a similar jacket which was purchased by his girlfriend.

“Hey, is that a Pit Bull?” 
Yes, he is a Pit Bull Mix.  “I have a Pit Bull, too,” both guys said.
Two younger guys were at the end of an aisle whispering and gesturing in Ray’s general direction.  As we approached, both guys told me that they each had a pit bull and went on to describe their dog to me.  They gave Ray a pet on the head and moved along.

“Is that an American Bulldog?”
Yes, he is an American Bulldog mix.  “We have an American Bulldog mix, too!  We adopted her from an event here last year.”  Then this couple  proceded to show me a picture of the most adorable Chick look a like, lavished some love on Ray and then resumed their shopping.

“Hey Ray, did you eat anyone today?”
This from a guy who was in a class we attended.  He said it good naturedly, gave Ray a head rub and proceeded along with his dachshund.  I’ve decided (too late after the fact) that my standard come-back to that or any question like that will be, “Only if they were made out of peanut butter.”

How does the perception around your dog differ with people and does it vary based on their ownership?

7 thoughts on “Who are You (Who, Who)

  1. People who have pittie types are always excited to see me.

    Sometimes people are afraid of me. Our next door neighbor is afraid of me, which I guess is fair because I might lick him to death one day. But mom helps him give me treats and ask me to do things like sit and lie down and he is becoming less afraid. This makes me a very happy pup.

    The funniest thing is when little kids (who I just love love love) are very excited to see me, but their parents are not excited at all. Mom lets the little ones give me treats and tell me to sit and I am very gentle about taking the food. And then they pet me with their little hands. After all that the parents usually look a little happier 🙂

  2. Jay has more people approach the dogs when he's alone. Believe it or not, he is more approachable than me. Oftentimes when I'm out and about with them I'd actually rather keep to myself! I know a priviledge of being a breed ambassador is to take opportunities to let people meet my dogs but to be honest sometimes I just want to be out with my dog and not be bothered! Jay embraces those moments more often than me surprisingly.
    The made of peanut butter comment is good!

  3. Ha!! That's awesome. I love that there were so many great responses. Our mailwoman is deathly afraid of dogs (she must have had a bad experience with some naughty owners and excited pups) so her reception to Maggie is not so nice. I'm always shocked when people are afraid of one of the dogs because Maggie will just licks someone's face and Nigel is afraid of everrrrything!

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