Walking Wednesday

(Since I knew this wouldn’t be wordless.)

I thought I’d share with you a few pictures from my walks today and to let you know that Miss Delilah has left the building.  Good luck in your forever home, sweetie.

Since I didn’t have enough time to walk Banjo yesterday, he was my first date for today, though he nearly missed his chance again.  Banjo is 10 months old, while not too puppy-ish, he still gets wound up some.  He is kenneled with Max whom I haven’t really interacted with to date.  A secret, here, is that usually since I am walking dogs on my lunch break from work, I don’t often walk any dogs that are double kenneled.  I just think there is too much of a possibility for a wardrobe malfunction.  But today since I had mentally promised some time to Banjo, I entered the kennel he shares with Max…and was very impressed with Max.  While Banjo was running around with his leash and collar, Max cuddled right up against my legs and wagged his sweet little tail enough to make sure I’d be back to walk him too right after I brought the Banj-miester back. 

Outside, Banjo again delighted me with is great leash skills and his solid “sit.”  He was just such a pleasure to walk that I just don’t know if I can gush about him any more.  When we returned, Max was already out with another volunteer, so you know who I turned my attention to.

Not thrilled with the little picture taking box in my face, lady.

King does really, really well on the leash and takes correction easily with an “uh-uh” and a stop.  Now that he’s more settled in, he was much more interested in being treated, though was not at all interesed in learning “sit” for a treat.

Hey lady, you got any more of those nom noms in your pocket?

King is so sweet and thankful for the little treats I gave him but when I tried to lure him to a sit, he gave up pretty fast as if he didn’t really expect me to give them.  It was kind of sad and I’m a big push over so I just gave up the treats in exchange for a couple of hugs.

Both of these young gentlemen are still available to be your forever Valentine, just contact the ACSPCA for details.

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