The Best Laid Plans

I’m not usually a Friday dog walker, in fact I usually try to make Monday my usual day.  The shelter is closed to the public that day and less volunteers come, so I try to make a point of being there.  Because I really didn’t know how much interaction King would get and I still have a soft spot for Banjo, I’ve been ine every weekday this week except for Valentine’s day.

Today my plan was to walk Banjo and King, of course, and also take sweet Max out for a bit as well.  I know there’s  a pretty steady volunteer who comes on Fridays so I was pretty sure a lot of the dogs would have gotten some attention.  As luck would have it she was still there and gave me the low down on who she had already walked and we gushed on together about how great King is on leash.  What else she shared was that the two puppies kenneled together wouldn’t come out for a walk.  The larger one ran to the back of the kennel and huddled in the corner.  Ugh.  I don’t really want to “do” puppies because A) they’re puppies and B) they often have poo in their kennels.  Ok those aren’t good reasons, but I saw King and made some kissy faces at him and then entered the puppy kennel.  Sure enough, the little beagle/puggle was all waggin’ tail and happy while the other ran to her corner and sat wanting attention but not sure.

Yeah, the view from my lap.

I decided to just sit and play with the two of them so they could get some socialization and the bigger one, Sweetheart, could get more comfortable. 

I should say that even the coldest heart that doesn’t want to sit on a kennel floor with puppies can get sucked in pretty. darn. fast.  Go on, try to resist, I dare you.  Ireland the beagle-y pup played for awhile on my lap and eventually fell asleep. I seriously wanted to sit there all day with this soft little pudge bucket snuggled in my arms.

Sweetheart was so sweet and eager to be loved yet juuuust a little hesitant.  She was pretty happy to lie near me and play with my fingers, her leash, my coat, my boots, etc.

She was such a darling girl and very open to being snuggled with (when Ireland vacated my lap for a whole 10 seconds) and loved to be near me.

After the better part of an hour had passed and I really had no inclination to  move from the floor, I finally tore myself away for a brief spin about the neighborhood with King before heading back to work 

Puppies.  I tell ya, they’re sneaky little things that just steal your heart.

3 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans

  1. Aw, I can see why you had a hard time walking away form those cute pups! I bet they were oh so happy to get some cuddles from you too 🙂 Shelter animals really need more people like you!

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