Unscented Piggy

You know that smell?  That certain doggy smell?  Well, oddly enough, Ray doesn’t smell like a dog.  In fact, he really doesn’t smell like much of anything at all.  I read a post last year about how it is more important to keep a dog’s bedding clean and as a result, it will keep your dog clean and fresh smelling.

Despite the recent pictures and posts about Ray’s new obsession with the bathtub and despite the fact that he’s been jumping in the shower with me, I really haven’t bathed him since…I’m not sure when.  I’m thinking it might have been before the baby was born and she’s nearly seven months old now. 

I’m telling you, Ray has several blankets and other mats scattered around that get washed every 1-2 weeks and even my hubby who has a super sniffer says that Ray doesn’t smell like anything at all, especially not “dog.”

So  tell me, how often do you wash your pooch and their bedding?

13 thoughts on “Unscented Piggy

  1. Athena gets a bath about once a month, but usually it actually ends up being about every month and a half. As far as washing her bedding, it doesn't happen as often as it should, but we try to do it every two weeks. She has so many different beds for lounging that it can be hard to keep up!

    I will say though that she's not really that stinky. If I am smelling a stench (usually only after daycare days) I will give her a good wipe down with wet wipes and then spritz her with deodorizing spray. After that she smells as good as new!

    How interesting that Ray doesn't smell! I love that he gets in the shower with you. Hilarious! Does he like swimming?

  2. Great post! I always wonder how often we should take the pooches for a bath!

    I *try* to get their bedding through the wash once a week – I scoop it up and take it to the laundry room when I do my weekly rounds in each area.

    Tess never gets a bath – she is absolutely terrified! So after a few stressful attempts, we decided it's not worth the stress to her (and us). Luckily, she has minimal odor. We (again *try*) give both pooches a brush and quick wipe down once a week with grooming wipes. We also just got a waterless shampoo that (still stresses her out but) isn't as bad as a bath.

    Ed is a stinky dog though (not as bad as some!), and has much more odor to him (I always wonder if he's more oily or something) and has a thicker coat than Tess. He gets the same weekely routine, and also gets baths as we begin to smell him. We shoot for every other month, usually.

  3. Maggie and Nigel must be stinky heads! They get baths way more often…right now, it's probably about every 2-3 weeks. But that was also because Maggie went to daycare and literally stank so badly that she needed a bath. Nigel refused to let me bathe her by herself so they both got a short bath last time! They get Frito feet stink after a few weeks too.

  4. Shiner can be a pretty stinky dog. I think it has to do with her bad skin and allergies. I don't think she smells horrible, just like a dog. Given that her bedding is MY bed, her stuff gets washed pretty frequently lol…

  5. Ray is one lucky pup! I get a bath maybe every two weeks, but I used to have to get them a couple times a week because my old vet recommended it for my allergies. Lucky for me mom doesn't think this really helped 🙂

    And my beds get washed once a week.

  6. Last summer after we put in the pool, Ray would spend his time chasing the water jets off the side of the pool and would stick his front paws in to retreive a toy, but absolutely wanted nothing to do with swimming.
    We'll have to see what this summer brings.

  7. We don't bathe the pups often although Braylon's frequent “dirt rolling” results in frequent baby wipe wipe-downs. I need to be more diligent about washing bedding

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