The Luck of the Irish

I spent a rewarding and sober St. Patrick’s Day with some wonderful people who were willing to forego the green beer to showcase some great adoptable pooches from the SPCA.  I was escorting the available and handsome Valentino to the festivities at Deer Park Irish Pub.  Do you remember his Sweetheart of a sister?  Well she along with the other littermate, Cupid, have been adopted so only the debonair Valentino is left to find a love match.  We spent some quality time with Gunner as well.  Mr. Gunner was returned to the shelter because his original adopters were moving.  Apparently …well, don’t get me started on that.

Valentino and Gunner

That cutie above was dressed to the nines and howling for treats, so I had to snap a picture.  She was just too stinking cute.  (Not adoptable and obviously well loved and cared for by her doting Mama.)

There was a parade as well, but as we were lined up to start, I could tell that Mr. V was getting a little freaked out by the crowds and noise, so he and I sat out the parade and headed back to the SPCA tent.  The little guy is only 14 weeks old and has spent nearly half his life in the shetler and is probably the last man standing from his litter because he is just a little more reserved than the others. 

By the  end of the day, he was more than ready to chill a bit on the ride back to the shelter and dream of the life he and his wonderful ears may have in store someday. 

What fun things did you do for St. Patrick’s Day?  Did you or your pooch dress up?

If Valentino or Gunner is the dog of your dreams, head to the Allen County SPCA and fill out an application today!



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