Secrets and Siblings

Hi Everybody!  Mama said I could talk about our really exhausting day we  had since I haven’t written in about four months a really long time.  There are a few things I could start out talking about so I’m just going to jump right in.  You know how Moms are usually really eager to tell all about the really embarrassing things that their kids do?  Well, my Mama didn’t tell you something and since I’m almost a grown-up now, I’ll tell you.  The day that we went to the Parade-a-bulls and met Gremlin and The Stig?  Mama wondered if we were going to drive for two hours just to sit in the car and watch the goings-on.  You see, I had a better-in-arian appointment that morning for my shots and even though I like going there every month and standing on the big boy scale, I don’t like to go in the room where I had my stitches out. The man better-in-arian seems to be nervous of me.  I think I make him nervous and he makes me nervous and so when I got on the table, I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, opened my mouth wide, and  I screamed.  I screamed and screamed and no one was even touching me yet.  Mama said I sounded like someone was peeling the skin off of my bones.  Mama said that even though I am de-sensitized to her touch, I’m not so down for anyone else.  Sooo, she made an appointment for me to visit with my friends at green DogGoods.  I was going to get some  nails trimmed, but since I started screaming as soon as I saw the clippers,  Miss Leslie and Miss Jodi just worked on making me brave de-sensitizing me. 

I did pretty well and when I was done, Mama was waiting for me with a big surprise! 

Me and my mama, and my brother Dahey and his mama went on a bro-pack walk!  It was just the four of us because we both are awesome have issues and our mamas want to let us get used to each other without any pressure.  First my brother and his mama were in front, but Dahey didn’t like that so my mama and I led for awhile.  After a few blocks we were able to walk abreast on opposite sides of the street.  We are going to go really slow and eventually be great buds.  His Mama is very, very talented and she made us matching bow ties.  Check us out.

Aren’t we some handsome dudes?

We didn’t sit next to each other today, because I was goofy and rambunctious but someday we will.  And look!  I have a new harness on.  I got a Freedom Harness just like lots of other famous pups. 

You would think that was enough excitement for one Ray-Ray but Mama had more planned.  We went to see Daddy at work and I met one of Daddy’s co-workers.  This guy was nervous to meet me, but after I said Hi to him so nicely and he petted me, he decided that he was ridiculous not scared.  Mama and I even took another short walk so I could show off get used to my new harness.  She only got a picture of us in a window but you can see just how incredibly handsome good I was.

Ever since we got home I’ve been suffering from a fun hangover relaxing.  Because I allowed my Mama to volunteer all weekend at the Pet Expo, I insisted that she take this whole week off of work to lavish attention  on me, but I’m thinking that she might just wear me out!  She calls it a good mix of mental and physical activity.  I call it …Ray and Mama time, but that can be very, very tiring. 

What special things did you do with your mama?

10 thoughts on “Secrets and Siblings

  1. Wow! Sounds like you had a pretty packed weekend, Ray-Ray! I love those collars your brother's mama made for you! Does it have skulls on it?! Did you know that Moby uses the Freedom Harness too? We like it a lot!

    Enjoy your snuggle time with your mama – sounds like you both deserve it!

  2. What a great day! Edi is like you, he needs nice and slow introductions. Big plans for today? Or will they include sleeping off your fun-hangover?

    I'm with Emily – those collars make you two look so dapper!

  3. Hades screams over nail clippers too. 😦
    That bow tie is very dashing!
    And if the vet is nervous of you, get a new one! We had a silly vet who was nervous of the dogs and that was the only time they met. I want a vet who kisses my pup and makes them feel comfortable right away.

  4. Oh, that screaming.

    “Peeling the skin of my bones”

    I think my dog sounds like he's being stabbed with an ice pick. Oh, the hysteria. And the vet tech will come back and reassure me that they haven't even done anything yet, and all I can do is nod my head ruefully and laugh. “That's my dog.”

    Time and patience. It's been a few years since Bailey actually sounded like this. Now he sounds like he's being forced to gargle with bleach. Very unhappy dog, but keeping the complaints down to a more moderate level. My groomer is a saint!

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