Bug Hunting

Ray has taken it upon himself to be the family bug catcher.  If there is an insect within range, Ray will find it.  And eat it.  Every morning he runs to the pool steps to find any large, hairy spiders that might have made their way to the water and if I don’t get to them first, they become a breakfast hors d’oeuvre. 

Yesterday, Kevin swatted a bee on the patio and made sure to flick it into the grass so that it wouldn’t get stepped on and although he was inside when it happened, Ray made a bee-line  to the scene of the crime.

How does he find that?  I might never know, but I am moderately obsessed with the cuteness of his doggie chin, so I had to snap a picture.

Does your dog eat bugs?

6 thoughts on “Bug Hunting

  1. Ed is a bug hunter, too! We get what we have dubbed “wiggly bugs” in the basement (house centipedes I think they're called?), and Ed thinks they are a delicacy! He actually playbows to them before eating them!! He also chased a big carpenter bee around the yard last weekend and CAUGHT IT! I think the wings freaked him out though, because he released it and the bee flew away with a big string of saliva attached…

  2. My mom's german shepherd will follow bugs around in the yard for hours but only if you're out there with her. My friend's dog, Sophie, who just came to live with us is a major fly hunter in the apartment and it's driving me insane!

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