Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s I was living in Chicago and at the time was a much bigger basketball fan than I am now.  Of course, it was during the heyday of the Bulls, so it was pretty easy to get swept up in the excitement. 

A thought had occured to me back then that it would be fun to have a dalmation and name him Spotty Pippen.  Though I never seriously wanted a dalmation, I never completely forgot that little bon mot and then it hit me the other day:

Ray could very well have been my Spotty Pippen, but in all actuality, his little pigment spots didn’t appear until he was several months old and they still seem to be coming.

Do you have any names in resserve that you’ve always wanted to use for a pet?

10 thoughts on “Spotty

  1. Typist always fancies a black lab called BD (Black dog) original hey? Anyway she then met and moved in with his fella who had a collie called Bryn dog or BD for short!!

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