Dooley Noted

We had some good guesses the other day on the landscaping picture, most involving not digging a hole when in fact, I’m pretty stoked because of a hole. 

Check out the circled item.

Last fall, we decided to purchase a Doggie Dooley system but we didn’t know exactly where we wanted to put it with the considerations of  needing to either edge or mow around something that still sticks up above the ground a bit.  When the weather finally permitted, we decided on a low corner in the yard and in a stroke of inspiration, decided to extend the landscaping, add some grasses to camoflage the Dooley and voila! my new favorite thing about the yard. 

With this, scooping daily is so much easier to gear up for and being able to enjoy a clean lawn is priceless.

So for those of you with yards, what do you do with do-do?

17 thoughts on “Dooley Noted

  1. I've been wanting to look into something like this. Is it safe for the ground – any leakage concerns?

    We just buy disposable and biodegradable bags and pick up as we go (or rather, they go…). We have a small garbage can inside the garage mandoor that we toss them in for the week. Then on garbage night we take the bag out and put it in the trash can. It works pretty well most of the year — until summer starts to hit and heats everything up…yuck-o.

  2. Hannah, I'm pretty happy with it so far, especially now that it is summertime.

    You basically dig the hole deeper than the system and “flush” each day with some water and there are natural enzymes that you add. The downside will be that below a certain temp the system won't work, but the summertime is really when we need the stink prevention!

  3. We built an in-ground poop composter from a video on YouTube. We use grass clippings and poop and occasionally put in some septic enzymes to help break things down. In over a year, I have not put a piece of poop in the trash!

  4. I heard of this somewhere! I would love to do this too in my yard, but I'm afraid that it might stink (I have a really tiny city yard). Keep us updated on how it goes! Who knows I might buy one in the future!

  5. I never heard of a Doggie Dooley–what a brilliant idea! Does the composted matter just flow out into the soil, or does the container have to be emptied? I can imagine it might be a good compost for a flower garden.

  6. Debra, When you were originally talking about this, I was excited! Until I read that it doesn't work in a yard that is mostly clay – evidently the poo won't absorb into the clay:( BOOOO!
    Otherwise I think this is an awesome idea:)

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