Behind the Glamorous Facade

Despite the fact that Glamour has at her pawtips an extensive wardrobe of Sirius collars and accessories, Dog Gone Cute decorations,  and also some Lamae tutus at her disposal, these are all borrowed items to help her find a home and not her own belongings.  Her borrowed collar is frayed from repeated use by former residents of the shelter as is her leash and other items. 

Glamour, while I’m sure, is grateful for her stay at the shelter and the excellent care she receives, does not like it there.  A home of her own is what this girl wants and needs.  She showed me that she has pretty good house manners.

She helps with the sweeping and floor cleaning without judging my housekeeping skills.

She helps supervise the laundry without grabbing all undies and socks in sight. (ahem, Ray)  While she was not in her crate, she saw our kitties and had absolutely zero interest in them.  When she was crated, she did bark at Miko when he entered her room, but it was a brief shout out to him.  When Asia reentered the house, Glamour gave one bark as well.  Just one and she was good.  A drawback may be her size.  This lady is musclebound, but she is a “pocket pittie.”  Potential adopters looking for a small dog will overlook her as a “muscle-bound pit bull” and Pit Bull type people may overlook her because she is small.

Girlfriend is selective.  She doesn’t like all people all the time, she doesn’t like a hand coming at her head (who does, really?)  and we are still finding out what all of her triggers might be.  Shelter stress really has to be a big factor.  The morning before I took her back, we sat by the pool and just chilled.  Her tail wags so hard that it beats each of her sides as her booty wiggles back and forth.  She climbs in my lap and gets out and repeats, until she finds a nice spot in front of my to receive some back and shoulder rubs. 

I’ve heard and read how adopted dogs are so grateful, but since I adopted Ray at only seven weeks, he really accepts everything as his due.  That morning, I could feel the stress leave and the calm enter her.  I could just feel Glamour’s appreciation. 

If you know anyone who would be interested in receiving the love and gratitude that only Glamour can give, please have them contact me or the Allen County SPCA to find out more about the Glamour Girl.

5 thoughts on “Behind the Glamorous Facade

  1. We can relate to the selective part. Athena is still selective about people approaching and petting her. I will say that she is getting better though! Glamour is such a doll. I don't know who wouldn't want a pocket pittie, they are so cute!!!

  2. Lol @ “she doesn't like a hand coming at her head (who does, really?)”! Love how you putted it!

    I'm so sorry that Glamour is still waiting for her future home =(. I have heard in the States there is alot of breed bans?… Do you think this might be the cause of her not being adopted? I hate breed bans. I think it is the most stupidest thing in the world.

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