A No Grainer

Because I’m still constantly trying to figure out what Ray is allergic to and sensitive of, I have to be very sparing in introducing new treats and foods, especially in the summer months it seems.  I’ve learned from experience that I can’t just rip open the BarkBox and let Ray sample one of everything right off the bat and therefore, I just got around to letting him try the No Grainers Soft Chews. 
You may recall that he went bonkers over his Max & Ruffy’s Tree of Life treats, so just having those in our BarkBox was a huge hit.  I decided to try the No Grainers when I wanted to do a quick training sesh in the morning and I figured we could check them out.
When I opened the bag and Ray caught a whiff of the meaty aroma, he got so excited and tried to pull out a majority of his arsenal of “tricks” in an effort to get one.  My poor little guy started quivering, sitting, running to his mat, lying down, etc. just to offer a behavior that would yield a tasty tidbit. 
Talk about a High Value treat!  I’m definitely going to have to add these to my list of good treats. 
If you haven’t ordered a BarkBox yet, what are you waiting for?

2 thoughts on “A No Grainer

  1. Figuring out what the pups are allergic to is so tough. I used to think Hades was allergic to beef and lamb but we recently switched to a food with wild boar, beef and lamb as the protein sources and he's been doing GREAT. When he was on a food that was all lamb he was super gassy, but this food has worked wonders. I still stick to “No corn, no grain, no chicken,” but who really knows? I will occasionally give Braylon treats with rice and she does fine. My honest guess is their main allergy triggers are environmental but I know for sure grain has been a culprit for itchies.

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