Wordless Wednesday

How did this get out of sequence?

But you knew that, right?
Actually, he and Ray still have not met or interacted, but they see each other a lot and early indications are positive.  Also,  a conversation between my hubby and I went like this:
Me:  “So are we adopting Julius?” 
Him: “Wasn’t that your plan all along?”
Me: “My sister would have fostered him.”
H:  “Did she know that?”
M:  “Yes, besides, if we found a really good home for him, I would be able to give him up.”
Him, looking at me incredulously:  “He has a good home here with us.  Besides, I couldn’t give Julius up.”
M:  “Well, I guess we have two dogs.  I could never give up Ray.” 
H: “Duh!”

13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. OHHHHHHH EMMMMMMM GEEEEEEEEEEE! I just squealed and did a dance and then I did a 'hot damn, yeeeeehaawwwwww!'! J-licious, you just hit JACKPOT!!!!! And Ray… Melvin sends empathy for having to deal with baby brothers! This just made July AND August!!!

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