Juli’s Favorite Words

I know I shouldn’t compare the two, but Ray is much brighter than Julius is. Julius is sweet and very simple. He’s easy to live with and eager to please. I admit I’ve been slacking on giving him individual training time, so he learns a lot by mimicking Ray.

There are two words, though, that Julius learned quite quickly and I believe they are two of his favorite words in the entire world. Breakfast and dinner. Some words are just so special that they require special fancy font, or at least capitalization. He knows when they are coming, he knows the routine and I love that he seems to know that Every. Single. Day. He will receive his breakfast in the morning and his dinner in the evening.

In the morning, I get up first and shower while the boys get to stay snuggled in bed amid a pile of blankets, pillows and various family members. Ray sleeps with me and Kevin while Julius sleeps with Asia and the baby. Occasionally Juli sleeps with us and there is usually a cat or two sleeping in our room. Once I’m out of the shower I round up the boys for their first morning potty break. While they are outside, I clean the litter boxes, feed and water the cats and vacuum the “litterbox room.”

Usually by that time, the boys are back in the garage waiting to come in but if not, I shout out the door, “Who’s ready for breakfast?” The boys come in and I measure out their kibble and again count down the months till Julius graduates from puppy food. I take the bowls to the counter and scoop out their spoonfuls of organic coconut oil to dollop on their food and sprinkle a pinch of grated bully shavings on Ray’s food.

Ray eats in the kitchen and he follows me to his spot, sits and waits for the bowl delivery and the ok to eat.

Julius by now knows that his breakfast is very near. When I turn from delivering Ray’s bowl, Julius will be doing one of two things. Neither of these boys are droolers, but when it comes to Breakfast and Dinner, Julius may often be found sitting in the middle of the kitchen with one long strand of Breakfast or Dinner drool running from his face.

Julius eats in his crate. He has always been pretty open to the concept of his crate, but I wanted to keep these good feelings going so this is were he eats those magical meals: Breakfast and Dinner. If he is not sitting in the middle of the kitchen being Drooli Juli, then he is already sitting in his crate waiting for Breakfast or Dinner.

What are your pooches favorite words?

7 thoughts on “Juli’s Favorite Words

  1. I would like to see drooly Jules in action! I have friends who find drool disgusting but I happen to love me some good ole drool! And my boys, like yours, like the food words — breakfast, dinner and treat!

  2. Surprisingly, I think Edison is the smarter of the two pooches (but Tess is much more motivated to PLEASE rather than finding out what's in it for her-Edison). But also surprisingly, neither of the pooches know too many words, but they do know sounds – like the sound of a mason jar lid being removed and Tess knows the jingle of a collar or leash – and she immediately sits in front of me.

  3. Emmett is definitely my simple but sweet angel! 🙂 They all love the words breakfast, dinner, and hungry. Treat gets them, too. I've learned that the cat knows sounds more than words, like the click the treat jar makes when I take the lid off. (The boys respond to that, too.)

  4. Lol! Breakfast and Dinner is my fave word too!! I don't know if Joker has a fave word he knows so many cues, and it seems like all of them gets him super excited! My cats on the other hand love the word Cibo (Cibo means food in Italian), and when I say it my cats come trotting!!!

  5. Norman knows a lot less than Kaya too:) Since I work from home, they don't really have a routine like your boys. Sometimes they stay in bed 'til noon! When I feed them I say “who's hungry?” and Kaya eagerly sits in her spot, she sometimes drools just like Julius for her food! But Norman often stands at the top of the stairs, wondering if it's really happening:)

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