Neighborhood Watch

While on my lunch, I managed to find and befriend a dog, meet some more neighbors, text a picture to the wrong number, speak to a stranger on the phone, become mixed up in a neighborhood mini-feud, and get myself invited to a Christmas party. Naturally, it all started with the dog.

Since moving to our new house, I generally try to come home for lunch on days that I know no one will be home. It gives the dogs a break and I can eat left-overs while doing a load of laundry or dishes. On this day, as usual, I drove up to collect the mail and rounded the corner to turn around when I saw a large-ish dog in our neighbor, B’s yard. I knew that wasn’t her dog and this one not only had no collar or tags but heavily resembled a dog I had seen posted as lost on Facebook. The only problem is that I couldn’t search and find that Facebook page, so I started texting the picture around hoping to get some assistance. The dog and I were around the corner from my house and he seemed hesitant to take a ride in the truck so I began motioning to people driving by, “Is this your dog? Do you know this dog?”

You always carry those tasty treats, Strange Lady?

My accosting paid off in that one guy called his wife to come outside, she called the neighbor whose yard I saw the dog in and left a message while another neighbor finally drove by who knew the dog. In the meantime, I found the FB page and texted the picture accidently to the wrong number and then to the right number. I followed that up with a voicemail and the lady called me back to say she had found her 14 year old boxer mix but thanked me for calling her. Also by now B was home and shouting to us that we should call “Animal Rescue” but the other neighbor was returning the dog.

I haven’t missed many meals.

I extricated myself from B who was intent on telling me what a nice person I was, how nice I looked and how pretty my purse is while saying that Animal Rescue needed to be called because her dog gets upset when dogs run loose in the neighborhood and something about other dogs in the neighborhood that have been loose…and some mention of racial profiling.

Back at home, my boys got their potty break and I was shoving some lunch down my pie hole when the doorbell rang. It turned out to be the neighbor who returned the dog, to apologize if she was brusque but that there were things going on in the neighborhood that were annoying and she didn’t want me to be offended. We had a nice chat about dogs, rescue, Allen County SPCA and the other shelter. It turns out the wayward dog belongs to her neighbor and it is microchipped because of its tendency to run loose. After we’d chatted about all manner of dogs she invited me to a Christmas party she is hosting. Apparently it is an annual event that has been occurring for 40 years and I might even meet the founder if we attend.

Sounds like it might be a good time and just for insurance I got the name of the dog. You never know who you might meet.

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