Spreading the Awesome

Hello, Furiends!  My mommy has been hogging all of the bloggie-ness to herself and I haven’t been able to write in a really long time so she said I could tell you all about my special trips without that little pain in the patoo my little brother.  Since we moved up here to our new house, Mommy says we live by a whole bunch of special stores that the Ray-Ray would like to shop at.  Juli got to go to greenDogGoods last week where he and Mommy bought me a birthday cake.  I didn’t get to go on that trip but that’s ok because I’ve been going to PetCo lately with my Mommy.  She says it’s important for be to go to lots of stores and spread my awesomeness around town practice my socializations. 

The first time we visited there, the first person who saw me screeched  gasped and said, “Oh my gosh!”  It turns out that the trainer there has a doggie that looks just like me, only not quite as handsome a slightly different color.  By the time Mommy and I checked out with our yummies, he was sitting on the floor and treating me to some special delicious treats. 

We got to go there this past weekend, too and I met a pretty little girl.  I knew we were going to go somewhere special, because  I already had on my Raven’s collar, but Mommy put my special Raven’s sweater on me too.  So, the sidewalks outside the store were full of peemails for me to sniff, but when we went inside, a pretty little gal in a pink coat was getting all fla-jib-ity trying to meet me and my Mommy was all trying to avoid her, but then her mommy said, “She’s safe,” so I got to make sniffy-snouts with her.  Her mommy asked if I was some kind of Pit bull and Mommy said that I am an American Bulldog and boxer kind of Pit Bull.  Her Mommy said she is a border collie/neighborhood mutt kind of Pit bull and for some reason, this lady made my mommy feel all happy.  I didn’t get to woo my little pal for long because my mommy is kind of mean like that has rules about how long I get to make sniffy-snouts with new doggies so we went off to find some tasty things.

We ended up buying some bully sticks for me and Juli-bean and some Sweet Potato Buddy Biscuits.   Mommy has been loving all of the Cloud Star treats that she has bought for us lately and we love them too. 

Shaped like gingerbread men!

Lots of people wanted to give me treats too, but Momy only allowed them to give me treats that she had in her pocket.  Sometimes she is so unreasonable.  She told the workers there that she is very picky about what I get to eat.  I really wanted the chicken jerky that my new friends were offering, but I made due with my pumpkin apple fruitables.
Mommy said she loves taking me places because I’m such a good gentleman.  I greet people and other poochies nicely and when other little dogs are shouting at me, I ignore them.  My mommy says that having a little brother has made me an even more awesome dogger than I was before more tolerant and not reactive.  I’m pretty sure I was pretty awesome before the JuJu came, but to be honest, I do love that little idiot guy.  He’s the best little brother I ever had.

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