Snow Dogs

Like most residents of this area, I spent quite a bit of Saturday preparing for this huge snow and cold that was supposedly heading our way.  I stocked up on all of the normal blizzard supplies; milk, bread, cheese, zuppa fixin’s, and wine.

Hey, the booze is right next to the produce.

I also made a run to PetSmart and Petco to get Ray’s food (Julius still eats puppy food), more coats for the boys if I could find anything even close to fitting, and some doggie boots for Ray.  His feet get very tender, while Julius seems to have rhino feet.  I had visions of the boys chewing on their peanut butter knuckle bones for long stretches of the day, but it turns out that although it was snowing pretty hard, the temps didn’t fall until later so they were able to go out and play for short bursts throughout the day Sunday.

As a side note, that Kong Bounzer is the best toy I never bought.  I won it in a give away from Oh My Dog and the boys can’t get enough of it.

I’m sure the next few days will be full of more inside quiet time activities like this:

though it was very gratifying to be able to watch them having so much fun in the snow.  Did you get any of that cold white stuff?  How did you spend the weekend?

*Note: this was written on Sunday.  Monday morning, the temps are -8 and the wind chill makes it
-45.  The boys put on their coats and ran out to potty and ran in.  Even “rhino foot” Julius was limping a bit from the cold.  Potty breaks will be brief and intentional today.  Please, please be safe. 

9 thoughts on “Snow Dogs

  1. Love the pics of them romping!!!! Stay warm and safe!!! We are getting it tonight/tmo and I'm already trying to figure out how to make Jake 'go' fast! That dog shivers at 70 degrees!

  2. Great pictures! Dogs seem to get so worn out when they play in the snow:) It's still really warm here in the mid 60's! We went hiking and the dogs wrestled a lot in the yard. We're going to the mountains(snow) next weekend, I can't wait!

  3. Look at all that snow! How fun! Did you guys make it through the intense wind chills? So dangerous! And I'm SO happy that toy has worked out. It sure does look like they're having fun! 🙂

  4. I just tried to comment but it seems to have disappeared? Sorry if it shows up twice… Those pictures look like such fun! I'm so glad they're enjoying the toy! Hope you guys made it through those dangerous wind chills. Sheesh. Spring is right around the corner… right? 🙂

  5. Ack, I had the comments on a pretty tight moderation schedule but I just changed it to make it more realistic. Thanks again for the Bounzer, the boys love love love it. The snow was pretty deep, which they don't mind but the cold was just too chilling. I had to rotate them so that they wouldn't try to play and even just to pee, they came back in limping that quickly.

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