Ok, so here are two confessions:  1) my hubby kind of hates has asked me several times to curtail the amount of money I spend on the dogs and despite the fact that my mother says the boys have more things than some children, I 2) am a good bargain hunter.

I don’t spend just to spend on the boys, but I find that I enjoy buying them different collars and changing up their look while I often realize I’ve forgotten to wear earrings on any given day.  I’d say the biggest purchase has been Ray’s Paco collar, and let me tell you, as far as quality is concerned, it is a bargain. 

So, while I’ve been wanting fleece snoods for the boys, I’ve been hesitant to spend the money on those.  After all, I have boatloads of shirts and jackets that just don’t fit them, so I just waited and secretly hoped that Lamae Designs would begin making snoods. In case you’re not familiar, Lamae Designs began making incredible looking tutus for dogs then ventured into collars and bow ties.  She has always given back to rescues in time, financial support and as a foster parent.  In fact, she fostered then adopted Ray’s littermate, Dahey.

Glamour, now Kya sporting a gorgeous tutu by Lamae Designs

Elephant collar and bow tie

So imagine how loud I squeed my delight when I saw the post on Facebook stating that snoods would be available for a limited time and  all sizes were $12 (yeah, twelve dollars) and when you order, you can choose to where Lamae will donate 50% of the money and ACSPCA was one of the choices! 

If you think my mind wasn’t blown by then, just hold on to your toupee.  When I messaged her, she asked for the boy’s neck measurement then said I could have them the next day!  Boom!

So, to say I was pretty jazzed would be an understatement, but then when the hubs saw the sno

ods and said, ” I kind of really like those,” you know I swooned for my snoods.

So, if you’ve been debating on getting a snood, I highly recommend checking out Lamae Designs.  These are high quality reversible fleece snoods and I opted for the opening to hook a leash through, so that is an option, if you so desire.  Plus, 50% of your purchase price will go back to one of four (cough ACSPCA) really deserving (ahem ACSPCA) organizations. 

*I was not compensated nor asked to review, I just LOVE these snoods. 

3 thoughts on “Snoods!

  1. Wow they did a great job on making thoes snoods! They are extremely cute!

    My husband is the same way he hates how I spend money on Joker all the time. Everytime I go to the pet store he always reminds me to control myself! 🙂

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