A Date with Ray

According to the Center for Disease Control, 35.9% of adults age 20 and over in the US are obese, and the percentage of the same age group who are overweight, including obese are 69.2%. Not surprisingly our pets are encountering the same issue. According to this article, nearly one in every four dogs and cats in the United States is overweight or obese.

The Peaceabull household has three adults and five animals which almost mirrors these stats. Of the three cats, Miko is definitely obese and between the two dogs, Ray is inching towards obesity while Julius doesn’t appear to have missed any meals lately. He is still trim, but certainly on the well-fed side.

As for the humans? I will only throw myself out there and say that I need to lose weight. I’m out of shape, my clothes are shrinking too tight and while taking a CDC weight assessment, I was actually relieved to be overweight and not obese.

I’m not athletic, I don’t love to exercise, I like good food, good beer, cheap wine and I’m not naturally thin. Since wishing the fat away has not been working out so well and more importantly, I want to keep Ray healthy, I’ve made a committment to him and myself that we will start walking.

A nice walk.

With Julius going to day-play so successfully, I wanted to do something special for Ray. Day play for Ray isn’t off the table, but I’m considering a few options so rather than just talk about how much we need to go walking, I decided to just do it. I drove home for lunch noting that the sun was shining and the air wasn’t unbearably cold, so as soon as I arrived home, I grabbed the leash and Ray’s Tiennot Sweater and off we went.

Good and frequent check-ins!

Presently, Ray has a sore foot so we didn’t go too far, but the pure joy he exhibited as well as the good manners, kept me afloat a happiness cloud for the entire day. He wagged his tail the entire walk, checked in with me often, kept a pretty loose leash and when the pee-mails got to be super interesting, was pretty easily redirected. A pleasurable walk for both of us.

I’m committing to our walks on a regular basis and as our stamina and the weather permit am hoping to extend them to some meaningful meanders around the neighborhood. We’ll keep you posted.

10 thoughts on “A Date with Ray

  1. Yay! We always get off track on our walks, too. I keep saying I want to have one or two days a week for each of the dogs to go walking one-on-one. So often I try to take both of them to save time, but it's hard to focus on each individual, let alone work on our very different issues.

  2. What a wonderful commitment to both you and Ray! We definitely all could use a little more exercise around here, too. Newt and Coop are slim and trim… all the rest of us could stand to walk more often! Although, like you I don't like exercise but I love good food, beer, and wine! Keep us posted. You might just keep me inspired and motivated! 🙂

  3. What a HANDSOME walking partner you have! And I cheered all through the paragraph about loving food, beer and cheap wine! My walks with Melvin are the best moments of the day. I can feel joy in my soul just watching him sniff and saunter and look back at me. I bet walks with Ray are like that.

  4. Great pictures! I've spent all of my adult life on and off in the overweight category (due to laziness and love of food) without being able to stay consistent. But in the past couple years with Kaya and Norman I have finally been able to get down to a normal weight and stay there. A hike used to sound like a daunting task but now it's just our regular daily outing. I hate conventional exercise so it's perfect for me. Even if I don't feel like it, the dogs need it and I always feel better after!

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