Cold Weather Stylin’

With the balmy and welcomed temperatures we had in the forties, I hesitate to say this, but I’m hoping for a few more days at least of some cold temps.  Not because I like the cold but because the boys have some new clothes to show off! 

Recently I was lamenting how hard it is to get a coat for a big chested dog that wasn’t way too long and spamming Facebook wishing aloud that the talented owner of Lamae Designs would branch out and add jackets to her repertoire when she graciously agreed to make one for each of the boys!  We already had cozy and fashionable snoods and knew these jackets were going to be great. 

L., the owner and I messaged back and forth discussing fabrics and I told her my secret wish was for the boys to have their NFL teams but Ravens material is nearly impossible to find here in Indiana.  Luckily for me, she loved the idea and found some great fabric online and we discussed the lining colors as well as additional things like collars and such.  After measuring the boys for the golzillianth time I hopefully suggested that since she’d have to order x amount of fabric, wouldn’t it be awesome to make them matching snoods!?  Luckily for me she not only agreed but allowed these snoods to qualify for her giving back project, so a portion of the price went to ACSPCA!

Ray-Ray Suavay

Keeping warm enough for a rousing game of bitey-face.

Julius might be too handsome for words.

These are great, because I really wanted them to velcro across the chest and under the belly.  If the fabric is stretchy enough I can usually get them into a pull over, but it’s hard and for anyone else in the family who needs to let the boys out, the velcro is the way to go.

L. even came over to triple check the sizing on the  boys before putting the final touches on.  This was great just because we could really visualize the changes that needed to be made, if any.  As if that wasn’t enough to knock my socks off, she made matching snoods for the Doggy Daddy as well, so Kevin will be styling with his boys.  (Keep checking Facebook to see if we can get him to pose for a Dad and Lad(s) photo.)

If the day ever comes that the Bears and the Ravens face each other in the Super Bowl, this should be their logo!

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