You Ain’t Nothin’ But A…

On Sunday I volunteered with the ACSPCA by handling a dog at the Home and Garden Show. Our booth was in the children’s area with a few petting zoo type places, balloon figures, face painting and lots of children (of course.) Because of the increased possibility of chaos, we only brought one dog at a time to the event throughout the course of the weekend and one of the other criteria is that we tried to only send out a dog that didn’t currently have an application on it.


The really good thing about taking Salsa, is that she was one of the very few without a current application and that I was familiar with her, having spent some time with her earlier in the week.  She is listed as a Redbone Coonhound blend and to tell you the truth, other than her need to smell absolutely everything in the building-twice, she could have been a Man in the Moon blend, for all I know about hounds.

Redbone Coonhound

I took to Google to see just what this Redbone Coonhound is and found dogs that look strikingly similar to Salsa, though we got scads of guesses that she was a Viszla mix as well, and having a friend who was interested in Viszlas made me more aware of that breed.  I admit to having “seen” Viszla in her myself. 

Now that I’ve Googled both, I have to hand it to my friend, Amy, who upon seeing Salsa’s picture, asked, “Some kind of Hound or Viszla?” 
I don’t really have a point, other than I don’t know my hounds and Salsa is available for adoption at the Allen County SPCA.  She is sweet, takes a while to warm up to some people, has an amazing sniffer, knows sit, takes treats like a butterfly,and loves to give face kisses.  She seems way more independant than my needy Mama’s boys and was very well mannered.
If you know anyone looking for a loving and independant red-head, send them to the ACSPCA to meet Salsa.

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