Thoughtful Thursdsay

The one constant is change. The fact that things change, people change, and circumstances change is usually a good thing. We hope we can adapt to change and make it a positive even when it is something that we either didn’t foresee or plan. I consider that while I am usually open to change and adapt pretty easily, I can be set in my ways. But rather than change, I think I’m talking about evolving. We learn and we grow and I hope that while I’ve aged, I’ve grown and evolved into something better than I was a week, a year, a decade or more ago.

I strive to surround myself with people who inspire me; people who make a difference in the world and strive to make it a better place than it was before. I try to be more thoughtful in my speech and actions, which includes my “posting and sharing” by being more inclined to post positives rather than negatives. I’m not 100% there yet, but the road is long and hopefully I will be traveling it for quite some time.

Speaking of inspiration, I would like to begin a new project inspired by the fact that this is a milestone year, however I need some help and ideas from you, the people of blogville who inspire me every day with your passion and commitment.

My project is going to be called “Fifty Shades of Kindness” and while I strive to perform an act of kindness each day by either word or deed, I really need some ideas to help me toward a formal fifty acts. My plan is to document my journey via a newly created Facebook page, which I hope you’ll join. Follow along with the progress, suggest new ideas and even post an act of kindness that you have performed or received.

I’m really excited about this adventure and even more so if you’ll join me.

8 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursdsay

  1. Mom Kim here – I'm gonna check out your new FB page after I get home from work – can't do FB here 😦 We all at Team Beaglebratz just mite have a couple ideas and it's something I could use in my life right now.

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