Mother’s Day


It’s hard to be a part of the online community and not glean some enjoyment from all of the great pictures that flooded the web of people with their mothers, or aunts, grandmothers or even of their male parents as we celebrated Mother’s Day. But I have a confession to make: I don’t usually give much credence to those “Hallmark Holidays” in that although we celebrate, we don’t go all out. It’s still the feelings of love and the special times we sharethat make the day memorable .



Earlier this week, I received a beautiful and thoughtful necklace from Asia and the baby along with a fun card but even more wonderful was that I got to spend most of Saturday with Asia just running errands and enjoying the company. With our busy worlds and all of the attention and time a baby requires, it was nice just to relax and enjoy the time.


Another special gift was less tangible and more gradual, but none the less impactful. Last summer when I “found” Julius, I didn’t really worry about his temporary foster status. He was such a happy, personable dog that I knew he could easily assimilate into nearly any household. He is carefree and friendly and certainly doesn’t know a stranger so I always had the feeling that Julius could go from one household to another without batting an eye because of his ability to roll with whatever life brings.


Don’t get me wrong, we are all totally in love with the Bean, and I knew he loved us but I just kind of thought that he loved us as the people he lived with now. But gradually things happened. He no longer wolfed down his food because he knew he’d get two squares a day without fail. Instead of curling up at the end of the sofa to be near me, he began curling up in the middle with his head on my lap. Maybe one of the biggest changes is that he no longer throws up in the car and I believe that is because he now knows that car rides usually mean Day-play and that we will always be back to pick him up.


I believe Julius now considers us his real, true, forever family. What more could a mother ask for?

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