A Thin Line

My hubby, bless his heart, does something that kind of drives me crazy, but if I’m honest, I’ll admit to doing something similar a time or two.

Recently, the doorbell rang, and typically, the baby began chanting, “Uh oh, uh oh” over and over, Asia hid and Kevin opened the door to find a student selling some cookbook or other.  As Kevin cracked the door, he said “I can’t open the door, I have two pit bulls in here,” and to his ever-loving annoyance, not a dog sound could be heard.  Not a woof, a growl, a grunt, not even the tapping of a nail across the tile floor.  No proof at all of these so-called pit bulls being within.


Now, while I never refer to them as Pit bulls being behind the door, I usually make it known that I have not answered the door to just anyone for just any reason. I always let a snout or two peep out with me and let people draw their own conclusions. I don’t want people to be afraid of my Pit Bulls, but I do want them to be cognizant of the large dogs within.


I think it goes along with a conversation Kevin and I had recently where he asked if I thought Ray would defend me if I were threatened. (Notice Julius isn’t even a factor in this type of conversation.) My response: I don’t know, but I wouldn’t recommend testing it.

So, have you ever let your large, friendly dog take on a “persona” in the interest of personal safety?

10 thoughts on “A Thin Line

  1. We definitely work hard to eliminate the stereotypes around Erie. That being said, I do make sure to walk Edison (and Tess) in front of the house every once in awhile, or take them out on a leash while I pull weeds. We also don’t mind that Edison barks at the door (although we are trying to keep him from getting so excited), just in case it is someone we don’t want to let in. If people want to make decisions about them, at least they know they live in our house!

  2. I let the dogs bark when someone knocks or rings, I then put the boys in the office next to the front door (Melvin is far to exuberant) and I answer the door. That way the person knows there are dogs but is unsure of what they look like or what their temperament is. I would prefer to be known as the house with dogs to everyone in the case the wrong person ever thinks to try something!

  3. We live in a fairly high theft area and I feel so much safer having the dogs here even though I know they would lick any intruder. We have a big window by the front door so people can clearly see the dogs are here and we have beware of dog signs. Sometimes when I walk them(Zoey too) around the neighborhood people say “no one is going to mess with you!” I could explain how friendly they are but instead I just smile. It’s different when I’m out and about with them and want to promote their friendly image:)

  4. Beautiful picture of a gorgeous pup!

    Sasha and Argus hardly ever barked (maybe 1-2 times in 2 years!)….But Alli is a different story. She hears a noise or whatever, and she lets it be known there’s a dog. Shelby picked up after her, but Tommy (the Pitbull?!) luckily did not.

    You need other dogs to protect your Pit bulls 🙂 Back in the 1800s when they were fought, folks used other dogs to protect their Pits because they were so sweet, anyone could steal them.

    We’ve never been able to fool our dogs, ever. But Argus did defend me against a huge Mastiff before we moved to NC.

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